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Special Events

Special Events at Bear Creek Lake Park
Special events within Lakewood’s parks are regulated by Lakewood Municipal Code, sections 9.32.030 and 9.32.120. Special events include any organized competitive or noncompetitive event, nonrecreational park uses, commercial uses, filming, groups needing to reserve a park area, group use involving more than 50 people, rallies or any other use that may conflict with established park uses, policies or rules.

A variety of events are permitted each year.  In order to host an event, an organizer must submit a completed event application form to the Regional Parks Supervisor for review and approval. Most events will also be required to submit a nonrefundable application fee. 

Event Approval Guidelines

  • Based on the recommendations in the park Master Plan, trail-based events will not be allowed at William Frederick Hayden Park. Certain parking lot and educational events may be approved, including mountain bike demonstrations and filming permits.
  • Events requesting the use of the Bear Creek Greenbelt will need special review and may not be allowed. This park has limited parking and high use in a narrow corridor. It is not well-suited for large events.
  • Open-water baptisms: this use will be allowed only at Bear Creek Lake Park at the south end of the marina. A permit will be required for any group of 50 or more people, and only one event will be allowed per day.


Contact Information:

Regional Parks Supervisor
Direct: 303-697-6154 | Email:

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